A320 Flight Training Device

A320 Flight Training Device

A320 Flight Deck/Cockpit

  • Replica Airbus panels, highly accurate in size and text placement with accurate switches and knobs.
  • Replica Airbus interior trim pieces, highly accurate in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look.
  • Replica Airbus dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with toe brakes
  • Replica Airbus sidesticks, throttle, and trim wheel
  • Replica Airbus tiller, spoiler, parking brake and flap lever
  • Replica Airbus Captain and Copilot seats capable of forward and backward mechanical adjustment


Visual System

  • 180 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical, curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame.
  • Three overhead projectors to create the high definition visual environment that simulates frontal and side window visual effects.
  • Structure for projector support


A320 Instructor Operation Station

  • Easily repositioning the aircraft to a variety of ground and flight positions instantly
  • Adjusting the time to include dawn, day, dusk, night
  • Adjusting the weather such as: winds, cloud cover, visibility, rain and snow
  • Loading saved scenarios to include: aircraft position, aircraft configuration and weather parameters
  • Simulating a variety of failures to include, but not limited to: engine failures/fires, APU fires, cargo fires, hot/hung starts, flap and gear malfunctions, electrical failures as well as minor system faults
  • Displaying a moving map that shows aircraft position, surrounding airports, and navigational aids


A320 Other Feature

  • Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Equipped with the sound system to simulate the engine & environment sound
  • Modular USB I/O system interfacing
  • Realistic Autopilot Flight Director System with Autothrottle System