Automatic Train Protection System RAS 8385/IR

Axle CounterOperation of the system is based upon transferring a signal from the track onto the train using the principle of the inductance coupling. As there are three frequencies, three different signals can be transferred.



1000 Hz influence
1000 Hz is used for distant signal (green light fleshing or yellow light). After crossing 1000 Hz track magnet, driver has to push acknowledge button within 4 seconds. If driver does not respond within 4 seconds, system will force emergency stoppage. At the same time when influence 1000 Hz is detected, another timer is activated. If driver has pushed the acknowledge button within 4 seconds, that timer will continue. After time elapses, system will check velocity to confirm that everything is all right. If velocity exceeds speed limit, system will force emergency stoppage. Time and speed limit depends on running mode.


500 Hz influence
500 Hz influence is used on station entrance and is activated if main signal is red. When crossed, system compares speed with speed limit and if speed is higher then speed limit, it will force emergency stoppage.


2000 Hz influence
2000 Hz influence is used on main signal for red light. When crossed, system will force emergency stoppage. If override button/switch is activated, system will not force emergency stoppage but it will be recorded that the override button/switch has been used.



Device input voltage                : 24V=                      72V=,110V=
Device operating voltage        : 14,4-50,4V=         40-154V=
Device max. current                : 1.8A                        1.8A
Time supervisions                    : 4s, 16s, 20s, 26s, 34s
Nominal value of resonate current of a locomotive balise (magnet) for the circuit of 500 Hz, 1000Hz and 2000 Hz  : 270mA (±10%)
Release current of a locomotive balise (magnet) for the circuit of 500Hz, 1000Hz and 2000Hz   : 148mA (±10%)
Speed check at 500Hz
-for mode of running:    Check speed:

1                                          65 km/h
2                                          50 km/h
3                                          40 km/h
Time speed check at 1000Hz
-for mode of running:    Check speed:    After :

1                                          90 km/h            20 s
2                                         65 km/h             26 s
3                                         50 km/h             34 s
Time required for device to return to initial state after forced stoppage   : 5-7s
Air-line pressure needed for light indication to turn off after forced stoppage   : 1.0-1.8 bar
Operating temperature range    : from -25°C to  +  70°C