Axle Counter BO23

Axle CounterAxle counter BO23 consists of the outdoor equipment on the track and the indoor equipment in the station or in the block section equipment shelter near the railroad.





Axle Counter-1

Axle counter BO23 is applied for track section occupancy control wherever the occupancy information is needed. On an open line the track occupancy information is needed for automatic block system with several block sections or single block section between two stations; in the station area the axle counter controls the occupancy of various station sections including switch point sections, crossing sections, dead-end tracks, etc.



Since one indoor unit UNUR can control up to 8 counting points and output the occupancy information about 1 to 6 sections, the axle counter BO23 is especially suitable for the occupancy control of station sections because using relatively small amount of indoor equipment all sections of a small, medium or large station can be controlled.


Axle Counter-2 Axle Counter-3

Axle counter BO23 is also very suitable for detection of train for single or double track level crossing operation. Applications that follow are referring to one indoor unit UNUR with various configurations of plugged modules and with processing module MPU that runs various operational programs.










Axle Counter-4


Axle Counter-5