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Radar 2

MARINE RADAR – Lenradar S-256/S-1000/S-5000/S-20000

Marine Radar Lenradar S-250/S-1000 can be installed on stationary ground platform as a Coastal Radar, or be installed on Warship (Shipborne Version). Marine Radar Lenradar S-5000/S-20000 to be designed to be installed on Warship (Shipborne Version).       Specifications Operating Frequency : S-Band (3040 Mhz) Beam Width : Horizontal 1.9 deg, Vertical 25 deg […]



IDENTIFY FRIEND OR FOE IFF equipment, used with search radars, permits automatic identification of targets before they are near enough to threaten the security of a friendly craft. In addition to friendly identification, IFF systems also provide other information such as type of craft ,squadron, side number, mission, and aircraft altitude.   Interrogator section. The […]



ELECTRONIC SUPPORT MEASURE   Electronic support measure gathers intelligence through “intercepting” electromagnetic radiations of military interest. Electronic support measures can provide: 1. Initial detection or knowledge of foreign systems 2. A library of technical and operational data on foreign systems 3. Tactical combat information utilizing that library   Technical Specifications Frequency range : 2-18 GHZ […]



LenGTA10 VHF Ground To Air Radio   Len GTA-10 is a manpack radio designed for ground to air communication. It is suitable for tactical mission that requires short to middle range ground to air communication. Equipped with built in internal encryption system, it provides secure communication to other VHF airband radio with the same encryption […]

LenPRC - 122N

LenPRC-110, LenPRC-122, LenPRC-2500

LenPRC – 110H HF 20W Hopping Manpack Radio PRC-110H Radio system is a Manpack transceiver for covering radio communication through the HF band. Although this radio is operated in frequency range of 1.6MHz to 29.9999MHz, it establishes communication in the Simplex and Half-Duplex modes as well as using the SSB-CW, SSB and AME modulation types. […]