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Computer Base Interlocking (CBI) – (Sistem Interlocking Len-03 / SIL-03)

  Len Computer Base Interlocking System (CBI) is a product developed by PT Len Industri (Persero). CBI is used as Interlocking System to control outdoor equipment operation such as light signal, track circuit, point machine, etc all in Computer Base System.     FEATURES LenVPS (Len Vital Processor System) is a Name of Len product […]


Sistem Interlocking Len-02 (SIL-02)

BENEFITS High operation capability Competitive price Safety priority Upgradable System Comply to local requirements   Len Interlocking System (SIL) is a product of PLC based Interlocking system developed by PT Len Industri.SIL is used as Interlocking Processor to control outdoor equipment operation such as light signal, track circuit, point machine, etc   SIL is developed […]


Sistem Traksi (1)

VVVF (Inverter Variable Voltage Variable Frequency)   Inverter VVVF merupakan salah satu komponen dalam sistem kontrol propulsi Kereta Rel Listrik (KRL). Inverter ini mengkonversi aliran tegangan AC atau DC dalam tegangan yang sesuai untuk mengemudikan (drive) motor traksi yang digunakan. Sistem inverter VVVF ini memainkan peran untuk mengontrol kecepatan kereta KRL dengan mengontrol tegangan dan […]


Sistem Traksi (2)

Change Over Switch (COS) Box COS berfungsi untuk meregulasi output SIV untuk mensuplai daya 100 Vdc berdasar command dari TC untuk mengontrol perjalanan kereta.   Specification Type : contactor, mounted under the floor of the train Contact voltage : 220 /380 Vac and 100 Vdc Control : 100 Vdc Weight : 80 kg   Brake […]

LEG Signal Len

LED Signal Unit – Len200 Series

LED Signal Unit for Railway Signalling Application Reliability far surpasses incandescent signal Long service life Low power consumption Low whole life cost Phantom free design IP54 Colors comply with railway standard BS-1376 Compatible to all type of interlocking   Len-LED signal unit is developed by PT Len Industri (Persero ) as a new alternative on […]


Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

  It is an equipment used to control equipment signaling some existing stations in the central cross. CTC system has several main functions such as controlling, monitoring, control schedules, and train describers. The software use to design CTC in a MMI (Man Machine Interface) Software provides a menu of editing to create or modify the […]