LED Signal Unit – Len200 Series

LEG Signal Len 3

LED Signal Unit for Railway Signalling Application

  • Reliability far surpasses incandescent signal
  • Long service life
  • Low power consumption
  • Low whole life cost
  • Phantom free design
  • IP54
  • Colors comply with railway standard BS-1376
  • Compatible to all type of interlocking


Len-LED signal unit is developed by PT Len Industri (Persero ) as a new alternative on any demand of railway signal unit for railway signalling application.


Developed with combination of industrial and signalling standard, Len-LED signal unit is designed to meet railway standard for the safety, reliability, and other performance requirement dedicated for the customer satisfaction.


Len-LED signal unit can be installed as easy as filament signal unit without any modification in existing interlocking system.

LEG Signal Len


Supply voltage                   : 85 – 132 Vac
Nominal power Red         : 10 W, Yellow : 10 W, Green : 10 W
Temperature                      : -40 C – 85 C
Lamp proving                    : Internal dual channel current sensor
Filament proving              : Internal single channel current
Compatibility                     : Match to all type of interlocking
Reliability  :

-LED module                     : 30 years
-Electronic module           :  20 years
Index protection               : IP54


Colour                      :  Red : 644 nm;  Yellow : 591 nm; Green : 505 nm
Beamwidth             : 8°
Sector                      : 8 independent sectors
Sighting distance  : 1 km


Len-LED signal unit is comprised of 8 independent sectors. The segmentation into 8 independent sectors intended to make sure that signal unit still has good visibility even though 2 or 3 sectors fail.

Len-LED signal unit is equipped with load resistor and electronic dual and single channel current sensor to simulate lamp proving and filament proving. By using these advantages Len 200 series will match to all interlockings systems.

LEG Signal Len 2


Len 200 LED signal unit comprises of 6 is main part :

  • Electronic module
  • LED array module
  • Transformer and relay module
  • Wiring harness
  • Casing
  • Pole