LenLTX – 100



LenLTX - 100

LenLTX – 100 System has the following features:

  • TDM-PCm Switching technology (ITU-T Standard)
  • SPC (Stored Program Control) System
  • Distributed architecture of hardware and software
  • Local Transit, Publik, PABX, and Transit Exchange Operations
  • Supporting the normal and magnetic lines, CO analog trunk, and E1 digital trunks
  • Supporting variety of CAS, PRI, and Ss7 signaling while connecting to the same switchboard
  • Benefiting of 386 microcontroller , DSP, and FPGA technologies for the system hardware
  • Using the C, C++, and Visual C++ high level languange in different part of software
  • 100% conversation traffic (Non Blocking)
  • Modularity up to maximum capacity between hardware and software
  • Terminal Of Management via Laptop
  • Remote Maintenance Facility
  • Operating console with capability of increasing numbers of system operators


System Capacity : Up to 96 ANS subscriber for each shelf 6 slots in each shelf that can be substituted for the following modules =

– 16 Pulse/Tone telephone lines in a subscriber board (ANS)
– 8 CO Lines in an analog trunk board (LST)
– 8 battlefield telephone subscriber lines in magnetik board (RD)
Multipurposed Slots : 2E1 in each digital trunk board
Supply Voltage : 12 VDC
Line Ring Impedance : 2200 Ω
Power Consumption : 0.8 for each activated port and 0.2 W in inactivating status
Connections : via military connectors on the real panel muountable inside the 19” standard racks
Case : (inside shelter) or using Individually (with external case)
Dimension : about 4Ux19”
Weight : about 4Kg for each shelf (depending on number and type of the installed cards)
Operating Temperature : -5°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature : -10°C ~ +60°C
Humidity : up to 90%