LenPRC-110, LenPRC-122, LenPRC-2500

LenPRC - 110H

LenPRC – 110H

HF 20W Hopping Manpack Radio

PRC-110H Radio system is a Manpack transceiver for covering radio communication through the HF band. Although this radio is operated in frequency range of 1.6MHz to 29.9999MHz, it establishes communication in the Simplex and Half-Duplex modes as well as using the SSB-CW, SSB and AME modulation types. This system includes the RS-232 port and can be controlled by a remote control in a distance of maximum 4.5Km. Indicating the output power, VSWR, and level of the received signal on the display is another capability of the radio.



Receiving frequency range : 450KHz ~ 29.9999MHz
Transmitting frequency range : 1.6 ~ 29.9999MHz
Frequency channel spacing : 100Hz
Preset frequency channels : 100 Changeable channels
Frequency channel setting accuracy : 10Hz
Frequency stability : ±2PPM
Modulation type : Voice: LSB-CW, USB-CW, LSB, USB, and AME Data: FSK, QPSK and OFDM for at least 2.4kb/s data rate which can be improved
RF Input/Output impedance : 50Ω
Data interface/control : ISDN,RS-232
Input Power supply : 12 ~ 18VDC
Output power in the LP mode : 4W(±1dB), 6W(±1dB), 8W(±1dB);Selectable via the system settings
Output power in the MP mode : 10W(±1dB), 12W(±1dB), 14W(±1dB); Selectable via the system settings
Output power in the HP mode : 16W(±1dB), 18W(±1dB), 20W(±1dB); Selectable via the system settings
Antenna matching : Automatic by pressing the PTT button
SWR : Less than 2.5 in whole the frequency band
Matching time : Less than 4s
RF power needed for matching : 1 ~ 3W (1.5W nominal) mode
Modulation distortion : Less than 5%
Receiving sensitivity : 1μV for 20dB SINAD (CW), 1μV for 15dB SINAD (SSB), 6.75μV for 15dB SINAD (AM)
IF Rejection : -50dB
Image frequency rejection : -50dB
Radio case dimension : 290mm×90mm×230mm
Radio case weight : About 5kg
Remote dimension : 53mm×140mm×195mm
Remote weight : About 1kg
Operating temperature : -25º to +65°C
Storage temperature : -40º to +70°C




LenPRC – 122/N

Manpack Radio Communication System

PRC-122/N as a Manpack radio communication system is designed and manufactured for establishing communication between military units. It is an appropriate substitute for the PRC-77 radio communication system, because its dimension and weight are reduced, its capabilities are improved, and also it can communicate with the other military radio communication systems of the armed forces.


LenPRC - 122N


Frequency band : 30-87.9875MHz
Modulation Type : Narrow band FM
Modulation of data transmission (modem) : QPSK
Number of preset channels : 50 Channel (00~49)
Squelch type : Noise/Tone
Frequency channel spacing : 12.5 KHz/25KHz
Number of the RF channel : 4640/2320
Sensitivity : -115dBm with 10dB SINAD
Image frequency rejection : Better than 65dB
IF frequency rejection : Better than 65db
Adjacent channel rejection : Better than 70dB
Audio frequency response : -6dBr in a range of 300±30Hz, -6dBr in a range of 3400±300Hz
Receiving audio distortion in maximum audio power : Less than 5%
Current consumption : 150mA in standby mode, 300mA in audio receiving mode with maximum amplitude
Supply voltage : 12-18V (12V Nominal)
Squelch type : Noise/Tone
Output power : LP: 0.4~0.6W, HP: 4~6.3w
Frequency stability : ±5PPM
Pilot tone frequency : 150±2Hz
Harmonic rejection : Better than 60dB
Current consumption : LP: 1.5A, HP: 2A
Modulation distortion : Less than 5%
Maximum time of permanent PTT : 3 Minutes in transmitting mode
Microphone input amplitude with 600Ω load : At least 20mW
Battery life time : More than 12h (with the 8-1-1 ratio; 1s transmitting,1s receiving, and 8s standby)
Operating temperature : -25ºC ~ +65ºC
Environmental standard : MIL-STD-810
EMI/EMC standard : MIL-STD-461
Dimension of the handheld radio (without battery) : 150x70x40mm
Weight of the handheld radio (without battery) : Less than 0.7Kgr
Dimension of the remote control system : 102x68x32mm
Weight of the remote control system : Less than 0.5Kgr
Dimension of the Manpack radio : 240x210x85mm
Weight of the Manpack radio (without battery and with the handheld radio) : Less than 3Kgr
Weight of the Manpack radio (with battery) : Less than 4Kgr
Weight of the battery : Less than 1Kgr
Body material : Iexon




LenPRC – 2500


This transceiver covers long distances depending on antenna height and output power in Line Of Sight (LOS) conditions. The PRC-2500 is compatible with different kinds of intercommunication systems.This transceiver has many features such as whisper function, hailing facility, selective call, full/sub band frequency hopping capability, remote control facility, built in ciphering system, and fast synchronization.Fixed Frequency Communication: Establishing communication in the fixed frequency mode is one the system capabilities so that it can communicate with the old generation radios.


LenPRC - 2500

Frequency Range : 30-87.975 MHz
Number of Frequency Channels : 2320/4640
Frequency Channels Spacing : 25KHz/12.5KHz
Number of Preset Channels : 10
Type Of Communication : Simplex/Half Duplex
Modulation Type : FM(Narrow Band)/BFSK for data transmission
Input Power Supply : 12V
Antenna Type : Wideband (7 Segment)
Number Of Sub Band : 9
Hopping Bandwith : 6.4MHz
Number Of Sms Memory : 8 (inbox)
Ouytput Power : H:4W±1dB Me:2W±1dB Low:100mW±1.5dB
Frequency Stability : ±2PPM
Pilot Tone Frequency : 150±2Hz
Harmonic Rejection : Better than 50dBc
Current Consumption : Less than 1.8A in H mode
Distortion : Less than 5%
Maximum PTT Time : 3 Minute in active mode No limit in inactive mode
1KHz modulation : 4~6.5KHz (25KHz channel spacing), 2~3.25KHz (12.5KHz channel spacing)
Sensitivity : -115dBm/10dB
Distortion : Less than 10%
Current Consumption : 400mA
Rejection : Better than 70dB
Image Frequency Rejection : Better than 70dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection : Better than 70dB
Output Audio Level : >2.5Vrms
Squelch Type : Noise/Tone
Audio Frequency Response : 0.3~3.4 KHz
Dimension(WxHxD) : 105x280x245mm
Weight : 4Kg