Without Limit
It is a place where innovation has no BOUNDARIES. Where ideas and technology could be created without limit and continuously connect with businesses practices. It also offer incomparable access to commercial infrastructure and industries.
To become Indonesia leading technology development provider that will enhance direct investment in research, development and manufacturing.
  • To create industries with technology orientation focus.
  • To accommodate collaboration between business ventures, technology oriented companies and academic partners.
  • To contribute for the development of research and technology.
  • To be part of training and human resources development centre of technology and business practices.
  • To become the only Technology tourism attraction.
Len Technopark Offering
we offer innovations at it best without LIMITS. We deliver Businesses at the forefront that works in harmony with academicians and researchers to create new technology, to enhance ideas into reality and compose research new understanding.
1) Secure, comprehensive and easy access facilities
2) Highest standard of facilities and up to date services
3) Optimization of foreign employee/experts
4) Dominant foreign investor ownership
5) Available foreign currency
6) Long term investment.
No Limit for Industries
Part of the offerings are the state of the art manufacturing facilities that combine into industrial focus area with several sectors:
A. Defense Industry
B. ICT industry
C. Renewable Energy industry
D. Railway System Industry
E. Electronics Component industry
Len Technopark
Jl. Raya Subang - Cikamurang Km 12
Cibogo - Subang 41285