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Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

  It is an equipment used to control equipment signaling some existing stations in the central cross. CTC system has several main functions such as controlling, monitoring, control schedules, and train describers. The software use to design CTC in a MMI (Man Machine Interface) Software provides a menu of editing to create or modify the […]

level crossing

Level Crossing Pretection

Safety is a vital issue in public transport systems. One of the important issues is safety at level crossing where railway system and traffic meets. PT Len Industri offers Level Crossing Protection System as an effective and low cost solution. The system uses known, highly reliable and abundantly available industrial components without sacrificing fail-safe consideration. […]


Train Detection System UTR / ITR

The wheel detector UTR / ITR is based on detection of railway wheels by the wheel sensor ZK24-2, transmission of wheel pulses over the transmission line, and interfacing to the safety relay contact outputs or optocouplers in the interface module UTR245 / ITR245. The device is applied for switching-on (wheel detector UTR), and switching-off (wheel […]


Automatic Train Protection System RAS 8385/IR

Operation of the system is based upon transferring a signal from the track onto the train using the principle of the inductance coupling. As there are three frequencies, three different signals can be transferred.   1000 Hz influence 1000 Hz is used for distant signal (green light fleshing or yellow light). After crossing 1000 Hz […]